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Google’s Eric Schmidt on Facebook

After the much awaited Facebook’s IPO, speculations mounted on what Google thinks ! Without uttering the F word, he said three things –

1 Life is not about your friend count, it is about the friends you can count on.
2 Don’t hit the “like” button ! Meet the people you like and love. Look them in the eye.
3 Take an hour a day and shut down all your devices. Really connect !

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Former CNN head and noted biographer Walter Isaacson captured my attention from the moment he walked on the IBM Impact 2012 stage and announced his next book would be a history of the computer age.

Then, Isaacson launched into an explanation of what attributes great innovators shared throughout history — Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs.

Though Isaacson’s keynote at times seemed like an uncoordinated symphony, the words of wisdom and insight, and keen observations into the lives of his subjects, made his talk both compelling and inspirational.

Isaacson paid homage in his opening comments to IBM’s 100-year history of innovation and contributions to the information age, but it was his most recent biographical subject, Steve Jobs, that he let serve as the channel behind  the magic of an unwavering and driven innovator.

“Don’t be afraid,” Isaacson said in describing Jobs at his persuasive best. “You can do it.”

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