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Helping get float:center in CSS

Ok now you have known that float property for center does not exist.It is just for the left and right.So how do we make a block look in center.Well it might be a nightmare for young designers and beginners.The CSS theory of floating is not as complex as it looks.The problem,however,lies in the interpretation of the theory.Enough of bugging,here is the solution-


{width:1000px; height:300px;margin:0 auto;background-color:red;margin-top:0px; }

This is the containing block that is the outer layout of the box.In this box,three sub boxes have to be filled of equal length.Two boxes have to be assigned the float property of left.The elements on their own will get to their sides with the right edge of the second one touching the left edge of the former.Though looks confusing,it is easier to implement.Take a look-

#footer1  {     float:left;  width:32%;  margin:0 auto;  height:350px;  background-color:#eee;  margin-top:0px;  border-bottom-width:0px; }

#footer2  {  float:left;  width:32%;  height:350px;  margin:0 auto;  background-color:#eee;  margin-top:0px;  border-bottom-width:0px;   }

#footer3 { float:left; width:32%; height:350px; margin:0 auto; background-color:#eee; margin-top:0px; border-bottom-width:0px;  }


Evidently,two sub=boxes have been assigned the same float property of left.Hence the remaining one obviously has to be assigned the right value of the float property.As simplistic as it is.Cheers beginners!!!



2010-the year of mixed experiences

Humans were welcomed to this new year with a 7.0 Richter Scale horrendous earthquake in Haiti,a Caribbean country damaging the human spirit and infrastructure.The center of magnitude was Port-au-Prince with concrete pieces and bodies spread everywhere as if they were scattered like flowers.The Mother Earth again showcased her fury and anger against the growing human exploitation on the nature.The plea and cries for humanitarian needs were recognized by numerous countries and medical,financial aids were dispatched accordingly.

Then it was Mexican gulf oil spill caused by the explosion of the oil rigs causing huge damage to the hue of beautiful aquatic resources and life.The third largest energy company headquartered in London came into lime-light and was imposed with  $ 20 billion dollar fine for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.The Gulf of Mexico was affected with oil and its derivatives for straight three months.The explosion while drilling the rig caused 56 crores litres of crude oil to flow in the ocean.The samples of tar balls and oil were found at a distance as long as 230 kms.

The most widely followed sport on the planet captured the year by its mid life.South Africa was selected over Egypt and Morocco to become the first African nation to host the finals of the World Cup.An ecstatic period of one month,Spain earned the name of the fame with a goal in 116th minute of the final game against Netherlands,three time finalists.Paul,the octopus, who later retired after the tournament and died,made seven correct predictions in the tournament.A legacy to be unfolded like every time,it boosted the sport spirit and brought many cults and cultures together to envisage the oneness and integrity of humans and eliminate the evilness from the Mother Planet.

17 days straight were spent in a coal and gold mine by 33 workers in Chile.The mental and physical mettle of the workers were tested by the depth of more than half a kilometer.A constant supply of food,water and oxygen was arranged through a shaft.But before that,a note was carried to the ground saying”all 33 of us are fine in asylum” thus triggering a ecstatic wave among families of miners.

Finally,a shaft was lowered down to rescue all of them.While the operation being successful,the concerns over safety norms of mining were raised and made stronger.The miners were accoladed for their valor and mettle.

The year that was of disclosing secret cables,the year that was of opening Governments,the year that was of “Wikileaks”.A non-profit organization relying on the secret sources worldwide to publish material of political,ethical and historical significance.The Times magazine quoted that Wikileaks could become as important a journalistic tool as Right to Information Act.Julian Assange,founder of the entity which was targeted by many Governments and public institutions,was trialled in court of London on the allegations of Swedish national of sexual assault on two women.

It has released around 1.2 million documents from it year of launch 2006.Lately,the companies which withdrew their support to Wikileaks have been the target of hackers and furious supporters of the organization.Their sites were victims of Distributed Denial Of Services(DDoS) which is a way of making a website crippled through large number of requests of its web-pages.It has been into limelight for its disclosure of Afghanistan war related cables.Since then,many Govt. have been opened.Consequently,its infrastructure has been constantly targeted and founder threatened.On which,the website’s blogspot noted that any one who sent out threat emails will be tracked down and trialled upon.Actually,it has been the strongest forces of the year.

With consistent rise of tensions between Pyongyang and Seoul,the issue was mostly on the head page of the newspapers in the late life of the year.The clashes and warships dating back to 1999 and 2002,North Korea has been focussing on nuclear warheads.The North Korea’s leader Kim Jong II has been sick and his heir Kim Jong un is believed to be establishing his reputation as a leader.The rising tensions and conflicts around nuclear ambitions of North Korea has been a major cause of South Korea panicking and making it think that its northern geopolitical frontier is set to have a war close in the future.The countries have been noted as saying to be prepared for the war and the ambition of crushing down the other seems no poor.Many foreign help has been sought with China,Russia,US trying to calm the issue in vain.The human wrath is not seeming to end among each other.

While it is only the rule of the nature that evil if overflown from the bottle of earth,has to be emptied a bit to maintain the balance of the stability.And that is where the earthquakes,tsunamis,human clashes,tensions over nuclear warship take place.The quality of human life has to find its way for  a cleaner and greener earth.But for that quality,it is never gonna be a cake walk because egoism continues to be the covering of the human psyche.Hence,nothing can be perfect,to make things perfect is the ultimate goal of the life,to succeed,to prosper,to be happy and good.With this hope,we welcome the year 2011 with great aspirations to make things perfect,the way they are wanted.Because it is what you leave behind for the next generation and if that is not the case,wont you be called selfish?