Trip to Bhopal

They were the best of my buddies…the end of semester,the craving of partying and a break were fueling our needs.We didnt want it but needed it.The break,long awaited.So it was “City Of Lakes”.

Though I was to this place a dozen of times,my route was directly to the rail station after kicking the bus out.The fact that made me hate Bhopal was the old part of the city with barbarians and unorganized creeps.But this time was a whole new image I got to  see infrastructure,shopping malls,etc.The Dainik Bhaskar City (DBC) is the biggest mall in Madhya Pradesh.It is so elegantly designed that it can even leave all the malls in Hyderabad behind…..way behind that you cannot even imagine them in competition.So I learned a  thing – never believe of make a judgement unless you have learned a thing completely.Simultaneously,it was so embarrassing on my part as if I was swugging in.

The day started with the coolest personality that I might have seen ever.She is Amrita Kanjani,200% extrovert and extremely public friendly.The words seem to roll down her tongue with great ease.The “masti” seems to be her habit,no extra efforts to bring it out.The fact that Devansh Rahtogi accompanied us was icing on the cake.Everything was perfect,if you seem to take out a person or thing,it would crumble down to boredom.And of course the person that made us feel like home was Manas Gupta.Extremely approaching and had a blast with him.The city being known by him and a automobile were his Jacks.

The movie was appreciated filled with fun and romance was a sign of good omen.As I said,everything was going perfect.A shot of rum was like beating the cold with clean sweep.

The memorable moments that I could recall of  are two.One was a long drive on “Lake View” with the car driven at 100kmph.The next being all four of us in hookah lounge.That was as if the life being enjoyed to the core and peak.Indeed,it was.

My facebook update said”had a blast…..thanks to @Manas,@Amrita along with @Duck(Devansh) ….inexplicably awesome hosts….u ppl rockk ” . Evidently it was a “kk”.The moments match the magnitude of feelings being tried to express up here.


One thought on “Trip to Bhopal

  1. amrita says:

    woowwww pb…ya…..kya masst likhaa hoi…

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