The choice

Its our choices which show what we truly are…far more than our abilities – J.K.Rowling

so true! The choice has to be made at every junction,divergence to fetch the best out of results.The choice has to be made in order to make this life happy and filled with a smile.The choice has to be made to provide the parents and elders with what they have been expecting.ITS ALL ABOUT THE CHOICE!

The intellect of the man is forced to choose,
Perfection of the life,or of the work,
If it take,the second must refuse
A heavenly mansion,raging in the dark.

When all the story’s finished,whats the news?
In luck or toil has left its mark:
That old perplexity an empty purse,
or day’s vanity,night’s remorse.

-William Butler Yeats (The Choice)

If you smoke,shows you made a choice of being weak.If you drink,proves you made a choice of being in unconscious and not acting.If you abuse your parents,you made a choice of failure.If you dont work,you made a choice of spending your life in toil.

After all,this life is just nothing but way of filling smiles to your loved ones by finding meaningful work with a purpose.And that has to be chosen.The status of present us shows the quality of choices that we have been making.

choose wisely !


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