logics and feelings

i had been walking the streets of city today,appreciating the integrity and humblesness of the people living in here.Some in relationships,some housemakers,some care-takers,some children ……The fact that made me write this blog was the initative to think that so many people involved in this world are craving or fighting for success,that they have been failing ……or some of them at really succesful posts.But why majority of people fail and very few succeed?this point is applicable to every sector you peep into.this is the fact which is universal truth and undeniable,unavoidable.The answer was just what i learnt.

We all find inspirational lines saying perservance,hard work,determination leads to……..But i ask what do you need to get all the above?Is it the amusement?fascination to do things?getting carried away?These are the stepping stones but to build a strong foundation requires strong radicals,very concrete fundamentals in your thinking. This has nothings to do with any inspirational book that i recently read.NO.This is what i have learnt in past month.TO GIVE LOGICAL ENDS TO YOUR FEELINGS.

i remember me doing things that i liked with no serious thinking on the forecasted consequences.Here are few examples-

1 choosing Engineering field->although the benefits i derived are incredible but through professional perception and interception,i feel that it is no longer useful to me as my very interest has grounded to ZERO.It was a decesion with no head or tail but made just through fascination of living away from home.

2 Radical thinking ->it involves all the acts i undertake…..

3 choosing fascination over pragmatism.

but it also reminds me of the fat that “lets be practical,realistic” is “lets be pessimistic”. yes the challenge is to accept and complete orbit shifting acts and not just have ideas,being proud on them. NO NO.


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