the journey so far

i have been craving since yesterday to write whatever comes in my mind,what i think,how i look at the world and things… my opinion,a set of thoughts is disorganized,randomly placed and it is applicable to every thought that runs in your by doing this,it helps me in keeping them in place and draw inferences based upon their values and importance.

i am 19 now and people at home treat me as a grown-up.i remember they scolding me,teaching and explaining at every small step.since then,i feel withing myself the goodness of maturity,having things in control and not messing them up.but after all,i am human

so this part of my life is the first phase of maturity and i have learned things.but my thinking is right or wrong?do i look at things the way they are meant to be looked at?do i always give myself the right angle? these questions arise due to lack of pragmatism,which i am sure of.i havent indulged myself into practical arena and hence havent learnt things hard my fear at the moment is whatever i am planning to do ,it is prematured and will not work .it is similar to the movie star having the fear of loosing all the fame.


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